We provide pre-built binaries on the GitHub Releases page.


A Homebrew tap is available:

brew tap helix-editor/helix
brew install helix



A flake containing the package is available in the project root. The flake can also be used to spin up a reproducible development shell for working on Helix.

Arch Linux

Binary packages are available on AUR:

Build from source

git clone --recurse-submodules --shallow-submodules -j8
cd helix
cargo install --path helix-term

This will install the hx binary to $HOME/.cargo/bin.

Now copy the runtime/ directory somewhere. Helix will by default look for the runtime inside the same folder as the executable, but that can be overriden via the HELIX_RUNTIME environment variable.

If you want to embed the runtime/ directory into the Helix binary you can build it with:

cargo install --path helix-term --features "embed_runtime"