(Currently not fully documented, see the keymappings list for more.)


Functionality similar to vim-surround is built into helix. The keymappings have been inspired from vim-sandwich:

surround demo

  • ms - Add surround characters
  • mr - Replace surround characters
  • md - Delete surround characters

ms acts on a selection, so select the text first and use ms<char>. mr and md work on the closest pairs found and selections are not required; use counts to act in outer pairs.

It can also act on multiple seletions (yay!). For example, to change every occurance of (use) to [use]:

  • % to select the whole file
  • s to split the selections on a search term
  • Input use and hit Enter
  • mr([ to replace the parens with square brackets

Multiple characters are currently not supported, but planned.


Currently supported: word, surround.


  • ma - Select around the object (va in vim, <alt-a> in kakoune)
  • mi - Select inside the object (vi in vim, <alt-i> in kakoune)
Key after mi or maTextobject selected
(, [, ', etcSpecified surround pairs

Textobjects based on treesitter, like function, class, etc are planned.