To override global configuration parameters, create a config.toml file located in your config directory:

  • Linux and Mac: ~/.config/helix/config.toml
  • Windows: %AppData%\helix\config.toml


[editor] section of the config.

scrolloffNumber of lines of padding around the edge of the screen when scrolling.3
mouseEnable mouse mode.true
middle-click-pasteMiddle click paste support.true
scroll-linesNumber of lines to scroll per scroll wheel step.3
shellShell to use when running external commands.Unix: ["sh", "-c"]
Windows: ["cmd", "/C"]
line-numberLine number display (absolute, relative)absolute
smart-caseEnable smart case regex searching (case insensitive unless pattern contains upper case characters)true
auto-pairsEnable automatic insertion of pairs to parenthese, brackets, etc.true
auto-completionEnable automatic pop up of auto-completion.true
idle-timeoutTime in milliseconds since last keypress before idle timers trigger. Used for autocompletion, set to 0 for instant.400
completion-trigger-lenThe min-length of word under cursor to trigger autocompletion2
auto-infoWhether to display infoboxestrue
true-colorSet to true to override automatic detection of terminal truecolor support in the event of a false negative.false

[editor.file-picker] section of the config. Sets options for file picker and global search. All but the last key listed in the default file-picker configuration below are IgnoreOptions: whether hidden files and files listed within ignore files are ignored by (not visible in) the helix file picker and global search. There is also one other key, max-depth available, which is not defined by default.

hiddenEnables ignoring hidden files.true
parentsEnables reading ignore files from parent directories.true
ignoreEnables reading .ignore files.true
git-ignoreEnables reading .gitignore files.true
git-globalEnables reading global .gitignore, whose path is specified in git's config: core.excludefile option.true
git-excludeEnables reading .git/info/exclude files.true
max-depthSet with an integer value for maximum depth to recurse.Defaults to None.


To display all language server messages in the status line add the following to your config.toml:

display-messages = true